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Mission Statement

HeadacheHelp.org is a site devoted to helping those suffering with headaches and migraines by providing a “one-stop-shop” plethora of medical information, industry news, medications, treatment options, reviews, as well as a blog forum for the migraine headache community.

Who We Are

HeadacheHelp.org was founded by me – just call me “The Headache Chick” – a life-long sufferer of migraine headaches. My goal is to create a complete, head-to-toe online site dedicated to providing honest and reliable information regarding the topic of headaches and migraines.

Learn and Contribute

HeadacheHelp.org has educational pages on migraines & headaches as well as a blog section where I share my personal migraine experiences. All pages provide an option for you to comment and ask questions. Feel free to reach out to me at any time using the Contact Us page.