Cefaly: A Princess Tiara for Migraines!

Cefaly: A Princess Tiara for Migraines!

February 10, 2013:

It’s here… a princess tiara for migraine prevention. The results of a recent study in Belgium published in the online issue of journal Neurology show that there is a significant improvement in migraine prevention by wearing what looks like an alien princess tiara on the forehead over a period of time.

The device – named Cefaly – is a great alternative for people who do not respond well to preventative migraine medication as it is considered to be a “natural” treatment for migraines. Cefaly is placed on the forehead and produces repetitive electrical stimulation of the nerves that transmit migraine pain, a bifurcation of nerves known as the trigeminal nerve. This nerve is often referred to as “the great sensory nerve of the head and neck”.

The electrical stimulation is not painful. Over time, the stimulations are believed to increase the overall threshold for migraine pain. “As the pain threshold becomes harder to reach, migraine headaches are less frequent, less painful, and simply disappear.”

In the study, 67 people who had an average of four migraine attacks per month received either the stimulation 20 minutes a day for three months or a placebo stimulation – where they wore the device but at stimulation levels too low to have an effect.

38 percent of patients who received the stimulation had at least a 50 percent reduction in the monthly frequency of migraine days. Those patients who received the placebo treatment had a 12 percent reduction. The number of days per month decreased from 6.9 daysto 4.8 days. The treatment took about a month to have an effect.

My 2 cents: only 38% of patients noticed at least a 50% improvement. Not bad, but not great, either. Would I try it? Hell yes. Would I wear it to the princess ball? Probably not.

Visit the Cefaly site for more: www.cefaly.ca

or check it out on Amazon:

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